Payment & Security

You can make purchases at without any fear either have or do not have a credit card, just as in a physical store. The offers at your disposal the following payment methods:


1. Bank deposit

You can deposit the money for your orders at one of our accounts. It is necessary to give your name when filing your hand and ask to be declared as “causality of deposit.” If you wish you can send us an e-mail to your name and deposit number. You can also take advantage of the ability of Web Banking indicating similarly as ” causality of deposit ” your name. If you choose to deposit via web banking from another bank outside the following partner of our company, the bank may charge you bank charges for the transaction.

The deposit can be made in one of the following bank accounts.

IBAN: GR8501405500550002002021710 ALPHA BANK
IBAN: GR7501102910000029176276458 NATIONAL BANK
IBAN: GR5201718590006859121882593 PIRAEUS BANK


2. To charge a credit, debit or prepaid card

When you select this payment method, after checkout, automatically leads to absolutely secure website where Viva Payments made and payment using your card. The Viva Payments accepts cards VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro, Diners and Discover which allow electronic (e-commerce) transactions.


3. Cash

For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come via courier and you pay at the time of receipt. In this case there is a small charge of two (2.00) euros.

Secure Transactions

Acknowledging the importance of security of electronic transactions, the Viva Payments has taken all necessary measures to provide payment services with maximum security. Detailed information on the security of payments Viva Payments can be found on the official website