Legendary Lavender!

Lavender, λεβάντα, Lavendel, lavanda,…LAVARE =”to wash”…”cleans our soul” , is said to “open our Third Eye” …relieves, calms… simply and nicely…

Lavender, is a legent, not only as a beautiful plant with repellent characteristics but also for it’ s precious essential oil!

Lavender essential oil is may be the Queen among the of known as polyvalents, seven essential oils whitch are applicable to many common ailments!

This essential oil, most common in aromatherapy, has a very pleasant and comforting scent and is one of the oils most readily available for purchase.

Lavandula angustifolia: One of the most powerful sedative oils, excellent for insomnia,stress, headache, burns, cuts, sore muscles, stiff joints, nervous tension and general first aid! Overall, lavender is soothing, calming and relaxing. It can be applied directly to the skin on cuts and burns.

In our handmade natural soaps Rania K., we carefully choose the essential oils we use  having as a  gnomon their biggest benefits to the human body since in this way are exploited the beneficial physical properties of aromatherapy. Therefore those who use our soaps feel wellness, refreshed and relaxed from the stress.

For all these reasons you should specifically try both of our fabulus lavender olive oil soaps we produce in a different formulation each: that for the body and that reinforced with chamomile essential oil for shaving, suitable for both, men and women!

Yours Sincerely,

Rania K.

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